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Depopulation Virus Released—Highly Contagious ‘Death’ Disease Is Killing People

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By Lisa Haven


“There will be great earthquakes, famines, and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.” Luke 21:11

In one of the oldest books, the Bible, we were warned that in the last days (days leading up to the return of Christ) there would be increased earthquakes, famines, and pestilences all over the globe. Coincidentally, this is exactly what we are witnessing.

Over in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ebola has once again reared its head and killed 18 people sending fears that this disease could once again take out swathes of humanity.

I believe we are living on borrowed time. All that and more below.



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    • Detergent

      See, thing is, there have been “great earthquakes, famines, and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven” for all of the existence of mankind, and before that, and there probably always will be. “The Last Days” are then either “forever” or “never” based on those criteria and your preferred religious bent.

    • The Watcher


    • DangerWillRoberson

      i bet 10:1 tom Hennigan is spot on about bin lisa being an operative for cia? just saying, look at her headlines? seems like they play into the dark lords trap? :!:

    • truck driver

      Vitamin C used with colodal silver is supposed to get rid of Ebola . I seen that article when the news came out that Bill Gates vaccines gave Ebola to Africa

    • The Real Deal

      Just wouldn’t be a normal day at BIN without this piece of filth attempting to scare the crap out of everybody. You really are a worthless little twit.

    • The Ferrett

      Bullshit . . !!

    • patann

      -Watchman, What Of the Night, Of The Mystery Of Iniquity, Of The Veils Of Illusions, Of Darken Mirrors, Of The Heathen Raging, Of The Wine Press of God?

      -Just imagine, men, reaping what’s sown, doing the great white throne judgment billions upon billions of people passing before God’s judgment seat and not a one will be with an excuse. God, who has shown Himself with mankind, evidently, since this world and human being was framed by Elohim’s hand, word and spirit/soul, so why again couldn’t all of their faithfulness to HIM be counted as righteousness as so many faithful others? What America, Westerners have you profit, when while you’re standing tens of millions dead, tens of millions plagued, tens of millions awaiting a single water cooler, the best that can be then offered you are better homeless shelters? Phenomenally, even that offer is being made miraculously, inconceivable by a woman holding in her hands the black bowls of the worst of great tribulations ever to come. The exact bowls of Judgement, as of the recent visitor, 01/26-29th, 2018, as the Seventh angel trumpet was bearing, Rev. 17, when he struck up conversations instead, with Apostle John, so 92, AD-2018, AD; Jesus Millennial reign, take me away, deliver thy good and faithful servants from all this madness of the heathen raging, beware, Apb, The RAM.

      -Watchman, What Of the Night, Of The Mystery Of Iniquity, Of The Veils Of Illusions, Of Darken Mirrors, Of The Heathen Raging, Of The Wine Press of God?

    • Central Scrutinizer

      Don’t you ever smile? Seriously, one are one depressing skifooza…. :mrgreen:

    • Firmament Exists

      Fear porn u peddle, not so “”god” like…

    • ConfuciousSay

      Another fun day on BIN. No…There is however, a stupidity virus that has infected a large portion of contributing authors of the articles here.

    • masterofnone

      May have released the “population controls” to places like africa….
      Or maybe, the living conditions support the filth they spread?…

      The last thing, the “elite” will do, is bite the hand that feeds them.
      Mother nature is a misunderstood force, she offers no sign of what is to come…
      And everything happens for a reason!

    • masterofnone

      And it glows in the dark and everything😝😝😝😝

    • Anonymous

      18 People Die Of EBOLA – In the WHOLE of AFRICA !! – and that’s newsworthy ??? – Nay “Time To Panic” ???

      Stop spreading Big Pharma – Fear Porn

      Ebola hit people in . 3rd World civil war torn ….& famine afflicted countries – where people are….. dehydrated and starving – PERIOD.
      Their immune systems are on – their last legs.
      - Commonly made worse by the W.H.O & Co – blasting their suppressed immune systems … with VACCINES (AKA …Inernational Orgs …. AID)

      What eradicates E-B-O-L-A
      - well ….they screamed the word …. 24/7 for a couple of months last time (then it …. as always – just faded away)

      - Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF or Doctors Without Borders) reports – ON INTERNATIONAL NEWS >>> NBC

      “Early treatment with something ……as basic as >>> saline solution …..may be saving the lives of a few lucky people with Ebola virus, doctors say.
      >>>> Quick treatment has …… raised survival rates ….to as high as >>>>> 75 percent

      in one small clinic in Guinea, the group Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF or Doctors Without Borders) reports.

      Re-Hydration – Resolving 75% of EBOLA CASES !!!

      SEE LINK

      It’s same old, same old, same old BULLSH!T Fear Porn Propaganda Hype

      - the 2009/10 “Swine Flu Pandemic” – was HYPED (Yet Again) …. To Kill MILLIONS

      - OFFICIAL U.S Gov Figs – 500 Died …. out of 300 Million Americans (2009/10 12m period)
      - Official W.H.O figs 18, 000 Died Worldwide ( Less Than an AVERAGE 89 died Per Country) 2009/10 12m Period.

      So unless you are severely malnurished, dehydrated and immuno-compromised – just snooze on IGNORE THIS TYPE OF CRAP REPORTING

      So LISA >>> start spreading the TRUTH – Not just regurgitating “Fake Big Pharma …. Fear Porn” (AGAIN) !!!!!


      Looks like the C I A is at it again in the Congo and the shill is here to tell us all about it.

      Put on some clothes might do something for your credability.

      Give Pompeo my regards.

      Haven and HoDGES the CNN of BIN




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