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They're Spraying Nanotechnology on Us, it Is Now Integrated into Our Brains - Must See Video

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Lion and the Lamb

Published on Apr 18, 2017

Chemtrails are being sprayed that contain nanotechnology and foreign DNA. This is all for the coming Mark of the Beast. Do not take the Mark of the Beast! Dried red blood cells have been found falling from the chemtrails that can reproduce themselves outside the human body. This could be fallen angel DNA spoken of in Daniel 2:43. The Bible says that they/the fallen angels would mingle themselves with the seed of man but it would not cling. I think the coming Mark of the Beast makes it cling and if you take the Mark, you will have fallen angel DNA and no longer be redeemable. I have a printable Christian tract that gets really good response. Every time I distribute this I see people reading it and I have had many conversations with it. Just print as many copies as you like for page 1 and then turn over and print page two on the back, then cut out and crease in the middle. We need to get the word out, time is short. Speaker is Sofia Smallstorm; From Chemtrails to Pseudolife, the Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology. How to be saved:


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    • Man

      so where is the nano technology made?

      • Sean

        5 years later from when I did my 1st thread on it and now B4IN finally does one. :lol:

        Don’t wake up now, Man.

        Its all almost over – so what would be the point. :lol:

      • Foggedabotdit

        …obviously in a meth lab somewhere…

    • Zabwe`

      Is it a Bird or is it a plane——–Exhausting Hydrogen into high altitude atmospheric Aerosols laden with microbes – bacteria and organisms that have been washing around up there for 10s of thousands of years–Not a good idea——-war of the worlds—————-

    • Zabwe`

      DIY—— Nano bots—–Hydrogen Water Bonding for Dummies – Guines Pigs and the Water Boarded————
      Nepalese Pink Salt analysis———-

      Element Ion Atomic # Concentration Method/Source
      Hydrogen H 1 0.30 g/kg DIN
      Lithium Li 3 0.40 g/kg AAS
      Beryllium Be 4 <0.01 ppm AAS
      Boron B 5 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Carbon C 6 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Nitrogen N 7 0.024 ppm ICG
      Oxygen O 8 1.20 g/kg DIN
      Fluoride F 9 <0.1 g Potentiometric
      Sodium Na 11 382.61 g/kg FSM
      Magnesium Mg 12 0.16 g/kg AAS
      Aluminum Al 13 0.661 ppm AAS
      Silicon Si 14 <0.1 g AAS
      Phosphorus P 15 <0.10 ppm ICG
      Sulfur S 16 12.4 g/kg TXRF
      Chloride Cl 17 590.93 g/kg Gravimetric
      Potassium K 19 3.5 g/kg FSM
      Calcium Ca 20 4.05 g/kg Titration
      Scandium Sc 21 <0.0001 ppm FSK
      Titanium Ti 22 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Vanadium V 23 0.06 ppm AAS
      Chromium Cr 24 0.05 ppm AAS
      Manganese Mn 25 0.27 ppm AAS
      Iron Fe 26 38.9 ppm AAS
      Cobalt Co 27 0.60 ppm AAS
      Nickel Ni 28 0.13 ppm AAS
      Copper Cu 29 0.56 ppm AAS
      Zinc Zn 30 2.38 ppm AAS
      Gallium Ga 31 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Germanium Ge 32 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Arsenic As 33 <0.01 ppm AAS
      Selenium Se 34 0.05 ppm AAS
      Bromine Br 35 2.1 ppm TXRF
      Rubidium Rb 37 0.04 ppm AAS
      Strontium Sr 38 0.014 g/kg AAS
      Ytterbium Y 39 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Zirconium Zr 40 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Niobium Nb 41 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Molybdenum Mo 42 0.01 ppm AAS
      Technetium Tc 43 Unstable artificial isotope N/A
      Ruthenium Ru 44 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Rhodium Rh 45 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Palladium Pd 46 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Silver Ag 47 0.031 ppm AAS
      Cadmium Cd 48 <0.01 ppm AAS
      Indium In 49 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Tin Sn 50 <0.01 ppm AAS
      Antimony Sb 51 <0.01 ppm AAS
      Tellurium Te 52 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Iodine I 53 <0.1 g Potentiometric
      Cesium Cs 55 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Barium Ba 56 1.96 ppm AAS/TXR
      Lanthanum La 57 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Cerium Ce 58 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Praseodymium Pr 59 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Neodymium Nd 60 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Promethium Pm 61 Unstable artificial isotope N/A
      Samarium Sm 62 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Europium Eu 63 <3.0 ppm TXRF
      Gadolinium Gd 64 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Terbium Tb 65 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Dysprosium Dy 66 <4.0 ppm TXRF
      Holmium Ho 67 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Erbium Er 68 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Thulium Tm 69 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Ytterbium Yb 70 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Lutetium Lu 71 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Hafnium Hf 72 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Tantalum Ta 73 1.1 ppm TXRF
      Wolfram W 74 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Rhenium Re 75 <2.5 ppm TXRF
      Osmium Os 76 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Iridium Ir 77 <2.0 ppm TXRF
      Platinum Pt 78 0.47 ppm TXRF
      Gold Au 79 <1.0 ppm TXRF
      Mercury Hg 80 <0.03 ppm AAS
      Thallium Ti 81 0.06 ppm AAS
      Lead Pb 82 0.10 ppm AAS
      Bismuth Bi 83 <0.10 ppm AAS
      Polonium Po 84 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Astatine At 85 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Francium Fr 87 <1.0 ppm TXRF
      Radium Ra 88 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Actinium Ac 89 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Thorium Th 90 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Protactinium Pa 91 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Uranium U 92 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Neptunium Np 93 <0.001 ppm FSK
      Plutonium Pu 94 <0.001 ppm FSK

    • CUB4DK

      Does this mean… that we are All like becoming Androids??? :lol: …all for one and one for All!! :lol:

    • truck driver

      Government is trying to dumb everyone down so they can take over the country

    • Stefan

      born yesterday :mrgreen:

    • Timeswimmers

      Ugh…is it just me or did anyone else see the date at the bottom of the screen at the beginning of the movie of 6-4-2011 through 6-5-2011?

    • Jayna Dinnyes

      The Mark of the Beast? No! Not in chemtrails.
      Revelation 13:18 The #666 in Greek translates to
      Christos Zeus (Zeus the Savior) with a
      CROSS (X as in Xmas!) a.k.a. the pagan name “Jesus Christ”!
      This is the name of the image (idol) of the beast (Vatican).
      Greek Diaglott (Free on The Web)

      “Come out of HER My people!” Yahshua the Messiah in Revelation 18:4

      Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! Will it be on or
      before the real Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement 19~20~2018? :?:
      PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 :idea:
      HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!” :grin:


      • LindaJoyAdams

        There is no “J ” in Hebrew so the name of the risen Christ was not Jesus but a later inclusion into Christianity about the time of Constantine? and is a modification of Zeus which the throne of is in the Vatican and we see it every time there is a TV broadcast from there.. ZEUS IS THE GREEK FOR JUPTIER WHICH ARRIVED INTO THE HYBRA BEAST LAST 10/17 YEAR IN THE STAR MAP SEQUENCES OF REVELATION 12.. that began on 9/23/17 and the sign that the end time is near that Christ and many others referred to in scripture and was not called Virgo until the time of the Tower of Babel when the Picture Bible in the heavens all the ancients know and scripture alludes to .. and terms and meanings got jumbled into the mystery religion of Babylon of the fertility goddess which many and I agree is to be the end time one world religion that Christians could never agree with.. And the world was primed for acceptance a few years ago when NO FAITH COMPLAINES BUT A FEW ONLINE WHTNE THE ASTARTE GATES WENT UP AROUND THE WORLD IN PUVBLIC PLACDS WHERE THE TEMPLE PROSTITUES TOOK DONATIONS AND COMMITED PUBLIC ACTS AND WHERE HUMAN SACRIFICES WERE DONE.. We have freedom of religion but not allowed to do anything in the name of religion that goes against our human laws or norms of society .. .. I tried to get those of other faiths to demand equal space for our symbols but not even the Muslims protested nor Christians or Jews etc. But if we asked to put up a nativity scene at Christmas or Cross at Resurrection Sunday in the same places all hell would break out in protest. And in court to stop it.. AND NONE SPOKE OUT WHEN SYMBOLS OF ATROCITIES WENT UP .. Few know history anymore as there is little history without mentioning the causes of history with is faiths and beliefs that cause the historical actions that history is composed of. . WE HAVE BEOME SO APATHIC IN OUR FAITHS THAT WE SHOWED THE WORLD IS READY TO BE OVERTHROWN AS ITS HAS BEEN IN OUR SECULAR GOVTS WIH NO OVERSIGHT OF CABAL OF CONTRACRTORS SETEALINF AND COMMITIN DAILY HUMAN SACIRIFICES OF MURDERS AND HARMS. BY ILLEGAL ACTS. Its why many are now using the name of Yahusha and other modifications to try and get it more like the original as no vowels in Hebrew either. My series on the PICTRE BIBLE IN THE HEAVENS SINCE 9/23/17 AND ENVOURAGE ALL TO SHARE THEIR INTERPRETATIONS TOO AND MANY ARE.. cause the first censorship of posts at Face book and hold an opinion that opposition to the one world religion is the goal of their algorithm.. and we are not all alike nor believe alike and do not wish all of us or me to become a ‘THOUGHT ZOMBIE ‘ as its anti Christian to not be free to choose and have free will to do so .. even if I think you are wrong its your right to be wrong and I respect that unless it violates laws so grave as the ancient goddess religion did.. Linda Joy Adams

    • truck driver

      Chem trails is making everyone White looking

    • CaptainPicardX

      Why do you keep waiting for the Mark of the Beast, when you already have it? Its called money and materialism. Capitalism.

      Google 666 is money, and read a book called Oahspe.

      Anyone who doesnt take the mark will not be able to buy and sell.. Its money.. It has nothing to do with chips..

      You are more than glad to recieve it since you love capitalism you consumerist capitalist assholeeeeeeeeee

    • The Watcher


    • Joes Garage

      If you spray ‘something’ into the atmosphere at 36,000 ft, where do you think it will finally land (if it does finally come down).

      CERTAINLY NOT DIRECTLY WHERE YOU SPRAYED IT, YOU PUTZ!!!!! Ever heard of upper level winds?

      So, if you can “see chemtrails” they ain’t doing nothing to you directly below them.

      Wake up, you putz’s…




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