QAnon: Getting to know your Deep State (volume 1) Just a fun Q Anon video showing you some of the Swam in the Obama Security Council. Also a shout out to Katy G. I get so excited when I see another McallisterTv post and Im not even American! I am
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Ronald Coase on JS Mill’s false doctrine of “natural monopoly”

Ronald Coase on George Stigler’s Coase Theorem

Collection of Coase’s talks on Youtube

Thanks To You, NTEB Was Just Able To Completely Switch Over To Fully Secure HTTPS Technology On Our Website

Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum… (If you want peace, prepare for war…)

Disable Gutenberg for your WordPress Blog…

We are Americans not a scared mouse…

Scarily Accurate NVIDIA AI Algorithm Technology Now Able To Generate Synthesized Human Faces That Look 100% Real

Iranian Government Under Siege After Latest Report on 1988 Executions

In which Ronald Coase clarified that town planning zones can be justified – but in a very few cases

Desoutter Industrial Tools Announces New Industrial Smart Hub, CONNECT

Talked about prices dropping and new items several times…

Tests done, now see the doctors… Russian Health Care…

Ronald Coase never liked the Coase Theorem – which was created by George Stigler

THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES: School Children In England To Be Taught In Sex Education Classes That ‘All Genders’ Can Have Menstrual Periods

Initial comments on the economic strategy proposed by Raghuram Rajan et al.

Saudi Citizen Admits to Visa Fraud and Concealing Attendance at Al Qaeda Training Camp

Marine Reservists Testify In Court About Being Attacked By ANTIFA Mob Thugs At ‘We The People’ Rally In Philadelphia Last Month

Had MRI, Ultrasound of heart and EKG…


Pro-LGBTQ Jesuit Priest Promotes Catholic ‘Rainbow Rosary’ With Prayers Asking For ‘Full Acceptance’ Of Same-Sex-Couples

Memo… (1)

Svetochka and I will go do this in a few weeks…

Fred Dworkin vs. the Sisterhood: Defending Women Against Bat-Brained Viragos | Fred On Everything

USA Thy Ignorance Shines…

Started my health examinations…

Socialized Medicine In England Steals Children From Their Families, Pumps Them Full Of Drugs And Forcibly Institutionalizes Them

New World Disorder: The Global Shaking That We Predicted in 2016 Has Not Only Come True, it Is Reshaping Politics Around the World

Republican Bill Kristol Bet His Whole Career On Hating Donald Trump, Now His Weekly Standard Magazine Is Bankrupt And Closing After 23 Years

DOD Identifies Army Casualty