Global Unrest

The once proud organization known as the Boy Scouts is declaring bankruptcy after severely flagging numbers due to a myriad of problems, including implementing social justice measures to make it more inclusive. I was a Cub Scout as well as a Boy Scout when I was a kid, my 4…

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Federal Judge In Texas Rules Obamacare To Be Unconstitutional, Next Stop Supreme Court For Affordable Care Act

FROM WOKE TO BROKE: Group Formally Known As The Boy Scouts Files For Bankruptcy One Year After Accepting Girls And Openly-Gay Scout Leaders

The Church Of England Introduces LGBTQ ‘Affirmation Of Baptismal Faith’ Ceremony For Gender-Transitioning People to ‘Rededicate To Christ’

Cardinal George Pell, The Vatican’s Third Most Powerful Official, Convicted In Australia Of Sexually Molesting Young Choir Boys

Justice Brett Kavanaugh Sides With Liberal Judges To Protect Planned Parenthood From Being Defunded

Your Smartphone Apps Are Tracking Your Every Move With Location Aware Data, and Selling it to Everyone

Pope Francis Says Christians Murdered By Muslims Are ‘Testament’ To God’s Plan For ‘Peaceful Coexistence’ Between Christians And Muslims

Biblical Archaeology Search And Exploration Group BASE Believes They May Have Found The Location Of The Ark Of The Covenant In Africa

CONFIRMED: Iran Violates United Nations Treaty, Test Fires Multiple Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missiles

SAFE SPACE: University In Michigan Arms Its Students With Hockey Pucks As Protection Against Possible Active Shooter Attack

Abbas At The Vatican Today Tells Pope Francis ‘We Are Counting On You’ To Keep Jerusalem Out Of The Hands Of The Jews And Israel

New Jersey Substitute School Teacher Reprimanded For Telling First Grade Students That ‘Santa Claus Is Not Real’

Walmart Getting Ready To Roll Out Autonomous Floor-Cleaning Robots To Replace Janitors, Shelf Stockers Next

After Archbishop Carlo Vigano Exposed The ‘Homosexual Network’ In The Vatican, Pope Francis Tells Gay Priests They ‘Need To Leave’, Kind Of

MACRON SURVEYS THE WRECKAGE: Massive ‘Yellow Vest’ Revolt In Paris Over Sky High Fuel Prices Leaves 133 Injured In France’s Worst Riots In 50 Years

President George H. W. Bush, The Man Who Declared The Coming New World Order In 1991, Dead At 94 Years Old

Syria Begins Granting Citizenship To Millions Of Iranians To Thwart Israel And Create ‘Shiite Crescent’ Caliphate In Middle East

Alaska Rocked By Back-To-Back Earthquakes Just Days After Seismologists Record Unexplained ‘Bell Ringing’ Sound In The Earth

Please Remember The Ministry Of Now The End Begins In Your Holiday Giving This Year, We Need You!

Huffington Post Liberals Declare War On Beloved Christmas Classic ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ Calling It ‘Racist’ And ‘Homophobic’

86 45: Outrage As Amigos Mexican Restaurant In Rhode Island Openly Calls For The Death Of President Trump On Their Employee T-Shirts

Mysterious ‘Cigar Shaped’ UFO Hovered Over Texas Skies For 20 Minutes, Leaving Residents Baffled And Frightened

KILL SHOT: Frightening Moment As Red Laser Dot Floats Over President Trump During White House Christmas Tree Ceremony Speech

Seismic Sensors Recorded That Earth Just Rang Like A Bell On November 11th, But Nobody Knows Why It Happened

Archaeologists Believe They Have Found A Ring That Belonged To Pontius Pilate, Roman Governor Who Ordered Crucifixion Of Jesus Of Nazareth

Delta Airlines Says Terminal F In The Atlanta Airport Is Now The First Fully Biometric Terminal In The United States, Detroit Is Next

Jobs Under President Trump For First 21 Months Are Tens Times Higher Than Obama’s Last 21 Months In Office

‘An Evening With Bill And Hillary Clinton’ Speaking Tour Opens To Plenty Of Empty Seats Even With Mostly Cheap Ticket Prices

MARCH FOR OUR LIVES: There Are More Teenage Deaths In Just One Year From Distracted Driving Than In All School Shootings Combined Since 1840

Dutch Carpenter Johan Huibers From The Netherlands Built A Life-Sized Replica Of Noah’s Ark And Now Plans To Sail It All The Way To Israel

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