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The administrator of the QAnon 8Chan chatboard is nicknamed ‘Code Monkey’. What is a Baker: Is an Anon and takes all the information from reading the chat board and posts, reads news articles, watches other channels and takes the new bread (info) and makes new headlines for the chat board.

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While you've been occupied with that Infowars-banning story, the establishment machine already started a covert censorship operation against leftist independent media

Bronze Age Copper From MICHIGAN Supplied Europe and Middle East

Mueller Guilty of Participating In Soft Coup Against Trump

Mueller Guilty of Participating in Soft Coup Against Trump

James Fetzer - Alex Jones Lawsuit & What It Means For All, Robert David Steele Memorandum, Freedom of Thought is Gone, JFK & 9/11

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Breaking News From New Mexico

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Update: #QAnon Insider The Baker (Murk Murk) Released Email Number Two Looks Damaging For Q Players

Facebook Not Only Censors, They Want to Steal Your Banking Data

Just Released UFO Recording Reveals New Frightening Details of Mass Sighting Event!

The Nazi Takeover of America: The Rise of the Social Media Gestapo

‘I knew and approved the assassination of Maduro’ claims TV show host

In Bid for ‘Dystopian’ Surveillance Power, Facebook Asking Big Banks for Customer Data

MoMo Challenge Leading to Deaths—Mindless Teens Led to Their Slaughter by Unnamed Source

Q Anon's Online History and Taking a Look at Their Online Hierarchy, a Q Insider Speaks

Why Is Air Force Silent About Huge Meteor Strike Near Early Warning Base?! Was It Not A Meteor?

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How normal human behavior became a false mental disorder epidemic


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