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Q Posts (1564 -1586) 6.21.18 / “FF prevented. Next. Immigration / child separation.” “Iran next.” “Abandon ship! Hussein staff talking.” “TOGETHER. WWG1WGA! #WINNING” Q All Posts from : 1564 Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: ba1d29 No.1817047 📁 Jun 19 2018 15:01:12 (EST) iPhone_Tweets.png ⬇ What a wonderful day. Q 1565 Q

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The Church Becoming a Circus, Part 2

Q Posts (1564 -1586) 6.21.18 / "FF prevented. Next. Immigration / child separation." "Iran next." "Abandon ship! Hussein staff talking." "TOGETHER. WWG1WGA! #WINNING" Q

ALERT! Pennsylvania on the Verge of Losing Their 2nd Amendment Rights. Bill Fails By One Vote.

The Church Becoming a Circus, Part 1

Steamboat Geyser erupted a 10th Time with Magma Amassing Beneath Yellowstone Scientists say

Denise Matteau's Daughter Was Not Murdered

Q Posts (1545 - 1563) 6.19.18 / "What a Wonderful Day. ES in the Front Row. GOOG Access Kills. [J C] Happy Hunting D" "Pain. Pain. Pain." Q!

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Q Posts (1500 - 1519) 6.16.18 / "What Came Out in IG Report? JC Gmail. They All Had Them." "ES Is Key. What a Wonderful Day."


Pole Shift Caused Kilauea Volcano's Magnetic Field to Flow in the OPPOSITE direction of the planet

The 1984 Issue of Penn Magazine NOW AVAILABLE ...

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Q Posts (1462 - 1499) 6.15.18 / "Certain Events Were Not Suppose to Take Place." "Comms Dark. Ghost-CON Active. Approval 58203-JX "

Lava Boils Away Largest Lake on Big Island - Green Lake Gone in About 90 Minutes

Public hearings in German Bundestag: newest history of Ukraine is written in blood