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LACKING SPONSORS and donors we survive on book royalties donated by Michael Walsh. AIMS: Defence of equality and rights for ethnic-Europeans, to end anti-White racism, hate, and discrimination. Show your support by purchasing books, donating and sharing stories. MAINSTREAM MEDIA is notorious for championing ethnic-minorities when peoples are discriminated on

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Study: Philly among leaders in gentrification, which has pushed out people of color

Former East Pittsburgh officer found not guilty of homicide in shooting of teen

Black man was held in handcuffs by cops for eight minutes while moving into his own home

Let's talk about being armed and black....

A Conversation with Tim Wise About White Privilege, Corrupt White Elites and the "Varsity Blues" College Admissions Scandal

Tamara Lanier is suing Harvard University for daguerreotypes of her enslaved African ancestors as well as damages.


Black History Month in the Fillmore

Menthol milestone, the anniversary no one is celebrating

Celebrate Dr. Hannibal Williams for making a difference – keep his legacy alive

Why we love Jeff Adachi

Celebrate Cultural Landmark designation of the Arthur Coleman Medical Center

Alkebulan-African HERstory and International Women’s Month Afrikans deserve Reparations! Cause, Black lives truly matter! Asé

Kristine ‘The Dream’ Anigwe: The greatest of all time

Five stars: ‘Poverty Scholarship,’ THE book to read if you care about poverty

Rev. Amos Brown calls on City and financial community to support iconic Black-owned business, Fillmore Heritage Center

Lafayette S. Jamerson Jr.: Nov. 22, 1935–Feb. 5, 2019

Food insecurity increases in the Bayview

Chelsea Manning defies secret grand jury, Julian Assange scoops Michael Cohen

Shamann Walton hearing on Jeff Adachi’s complaint of abuse in SF Jail

Hip hop and culture: ‘High Power’ by Grand Opus

Gov. Newsom’s executive order halts death penalty. Now let’s drop LWOP!

‘We stand with Ilhan’ against Zionism and anti-Semitism

Black Moms Get Prison for Sending Kids to Better Schools While White Mom's Serve No Time

Black Women Assaulted and Tackled by Police for No Reason

100 Million Traffic Stops Show Massive Racial Bias in Policing

San Francisco Peer-Run Warm Line – here to support the community!

Death after death at Walker County, the worst jail in Alabama

Black History Celebration at Bayview Access Point

The #MeToo of yesterday: ‘High Voltage Women’ tells the story of groundbreaking tradeswomen

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